DRAGEN is Now Available in the Cloud!

Leverage the speed, accuracy and cost savings of DRAGEN in the Cloud.

The World’s First Bio-IT Processor

Ultra-Rapid Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

Edico Genome has created the world’s first bioinformatics processor designed to analyze next-generation sequencing data, DRAGEN™.  The DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for Genomics) Bio-IT Platform uses a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to provide hardware-accelerated implementations of genome pipeline algorithms, such as BCL conversion, compression, mapping, alignment, sorting, duplicate marking and haplotype variant calling. The highly flexible DRAGEN platform allows Edico Genome to develop custom algorithms as well as refine and improve existing pipelines. The DRAGEN platform can be utilized onsite, in the cloud or as a seamless hybrid cloud that includes a fully functional and easy to use Web Portal and Workflow Management System.


NGS Compute

100x Faster

Under 20 minutes on one server for a whole human genome @ 30x coverage from BCL/FASTQ -> VCF


NGS Storage

4-10X Smaller

Lossless near real-time compression and decompression of FASTQ and BAM files

Available Onsite and

in the AWS Cloud

Lower Cost

One DRAGEN instance replaces up to 80 traditional compute instances and reduces storage costs



Next-Gen Algorithms

Clinical-grade sensitivity and specificity for all major genomic applications and workflows


By architecting DRAGEN™ from the ground up to be a highly optimized, reconfigurable platform, it is able to achieve NGS data processing speeds orders of magnitude faster than any other methods – without any compromises.


By incorporating multiple analyses and not resorting to heuristic methods like all other NGS data analysis methods, DRAGEN™ produces the highest possible accuracy for clinical interpretation and treatment guidance.


The reconfigurable DRAGEN™ Bio-IT Platform can be loaded with highly optimized algorithms for many different NGS secondary analysis pipelines such as Whole Genome or Exome, RNAseq, Methylome, Microbiome and Cancer.

Revolutionizing Genome Sequencing Analysis

At Edico Genome, we’re helping usher in the new era of personalized medicine by enabling a fundamental change in healthcare with customized treatments and data-driven insights tailored to the individual. At the heart of personalized medicine, DNA sequencing technology is advancing at an even more rapid pace than the cell phone revolution. By increasing the speed and accuracy for NGS data analysis like whole genome sequencing (WGS), our computing platform makes it easier to discover links between DNA sequence variations and human disease.

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