DRAGEN on BaseSpace Sequence Hub

DRAGEN Now Available on Illumina’s BaseSpace® Sequence Hub

DRAGEN’s Genome Pipeline is now available on Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub. Powered by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) new Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-enabled F1 instances, Edico Genome’s DRAGEN Genome Pipeline features optimized algorithms for mapping, aligning, sorting, duplicate marking, variant calling, and more.

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Edico Genome has partnered with Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub to bring its DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to the online app platform. With this integration, BaseSpace Sequence Hub customers can seamlessly access our ultra-rapid, accurate, and cost-saving platform for analysis of their genomic data. In turn, DRAGEN customers can now utilize additional apps available on the site as well as the speed conferred by DRAGEN’s deployment on Amazon’s EC2 F1 FPGA-enabled instances in the cloud.

Our DRAGEN Genome Pipeline is now available as part of BaseSpace Sequence Hub’s new unlimited data storage and compute plan.

Available Pipelines

DRAGEN Germline Pipeline

DRAGEN’s Germline Pipeline is now available on BaseSpace Sequence Hub. The DRAGEN Germline pipeline enables ultra-rapid analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, accelerating analysis time from many hours, with pipelines including BWA+GATK or Isaac, to minutes, while also improving accuracy for both SNPs and INDELs. This pipeline harnesses the tremendous power of the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform and includes highly optimized algorithms for mapping, aligning, sorting, duplicate marking, haplotype variant calling, compression and decompression.

DRAGEN Somatic Pipeline

DRAGEN’s Somatic Pipeline is available now on BaseSpace Sequence Hub. The DRAGEN Somatic Pipeline allows ultra-rapid analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data to identify cancer-associated mutations. DRAGEN is able to call SNPs and INDELs from both matched tumor/normal pairs and tumor-only samples. DRAGEN produces rapid results while achieving a level of accuracy greater than top somatic variant callers. Tumor, Tumor/Normal pipelines are available through BaseSpace.

Planned Releases

Dec. 2017 Releases

  • DRAGEN Germline V2 Pipeline
  • DRAGEN Somatic V2 Pipeline

Ultra-Rapid Genomics Cloud

Edico Genome’s DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform is deployed on Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) F1 instances, a compute instance with field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) which can be programmed to create custom hardware accelerations.

A cloud configuration provides users with the flexibility to scale up to the cloud during times of high capacity and return to onsite analysis when demand is reduced. The platform is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, regulations developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to protect the privacy and security of patients’ health information. Onsite analysis is also feasible, with both systems managed through the DRAGEN web portal, featuring an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Pipelines are identical whether executed in the cloud or onsite.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a genomics cloud computing platform designed to bring simplified data management and analytical sequencing tools directly to investigators in a user-friendly format. BaseSpace Sequence Hub provides flexibility and convenience with an array of tools, significantly expanding the possibilities of yielding meaningful results from NGS data.

The informatics platform provides seamless and robust integration with Illumina instruments and workflows, allowing users to set up and monitor runs, access and analyze data stored in the cloud, and share data with collaborators. BaseSpace Sequence Hub benefits from Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) security features and provides support for customers in a HIPAA-regulated environment. For more information, visit www.illumina.com/basespace.