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Bio-IT Processor


The World's Fastest NGS Analysis Platform

DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform

Enabling the Global Genomic Infrastructure

The DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for Genomics) Platform is based on the highly reconfigurable DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform. The DRAGEN platform uses a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to provide hardware-accelerated implementations of genome pipeline algorithms, such as BCL conversion, compression, mapping, alignment, sorting, duplicate marking and haplotype variant calling. The highly flexible DRAGEN platform allows Edico Genome to develop custom algorithms as well as refine and improve existing pipelines.

The DRAGEN platform can be utilized onsite, in the cloud or as a seamless hybrid cloud that includes a fully functional and easy to use Web Portal and Workflow Management System. Customers are effortlessly able to schedule multiple workflow runs, analyze results such as alignment statistics and coverage metrics, compare different pipelines, monitor multiple networked DRAGEN systems and receive updated software releases. Updated versions are made available for customers through regular, simple remote downloads.

  • Massively scalable

    Able to handle the entire output of a HiSeq X Ten

  • Reduced storage

    Integrated CRAM based compression

  • Ease of use

    Push button workflows

  • Very low power

    Replaces whole server clusters

  • Embeddable

    Standard PCIe expansion card

  • Local analysis

    No massive file uploads

  • Low cost

    vs. existing software based solutions

  • Very fast

    Whole human genome analysis in minutes

  • High accuracy

    The same or better accuracy as industry standard software algorithms

DRAGEN Ultra-Rapid Analysis Pipelines

Genome Pipeline

Ultra-Rapid Genome and Exome Data Analysis

Transcriptome Pipeline

Ultra-Rapid RNA-seq Data Analysis

Joint Genotyping Pipeline

Ultra-Rapid Multi Genome Analysis

Other Pipelines



Remove the bottleneck from your NGS data analysis pipeline with the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform. DRAGEN massively accelerates all of the secondary analysis algorithms while simultaneously improving accuracy!