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The DRAGEN Engine

Fundamental Technology Engine for Accelerated Compute and Optimized Storage

FPGA Powered Engine

The DRAGEN engine is the software framework and constituent library of hardware accelerator blocks, implemented in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), that powers the DRAGEN platform.

The DRAGEN platform solves two key unmet needs in big data genomics: compute and storage.  DRAGEN offers a scalable, accelerated and cost-efficient secondary analysis solution for all key genomics applications as well as providing a highly optimized mechanism for the efficient storage of genomic data.

Core Enablement Technology

This core technology is what enables the ultra-rapid compute and optimized storage that the DRAGEN platform provides. FPGAs are reconfigurable processors that can be reprogrammed as frequently as needed to switch or update various algorithms. DRAGEN’s hardware accelerator blocks can be loaded on the fly into the reconfigurable FPGA. Edico is continuously improving the DRAGEN platform and makes releases, containing both software and hardware updates, available for customers to download on a regular basis.

Product Sheet