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DRAGEN Total Genomics Solution

The complete solution for analyzing, reanalyzing, storing and archiving genomic data at the lowest cost and highest fidelity.

The Biggest Problem in Genomics

Raw data for each sample from a sequencing instruments is not only analyzed once, but typically reanalyzed several times each year as updated algorithms, references or applications are released. This results in a significant computational load and associated cost.

Another huge problem facing genomics is big data storage. Next generation sequencing (NGS) users typically maintain all raw data files (FASTQ) as well as intermediate (BAM) and result files (VCF) for extended periods of time and in most cases, indefinitely. Duplicate copies of all files are also usually maintained as backups, making the total amount of data that is stored for each initial sample extremely large and expensive.

Total Genomics Solution

The DRAGEN Total Genomics Solution addresses all of these major problems in a unique, elegant, seamless and extremely cost-efficient manner. When using the DRAGEN Cloud, customers can choose to pay one ultra-low price per genome, exome, etc. (measured in GigaBytes) per year that includes bundled compute and storage for all of the basic DRAGEN pipelines. As part of the bundle, customers can analyze and reanalyze each data sample up to four times a year and save all of the additional intermediate (BAM) and result (VCF) files. In addition, customers can also seamlessly backup all of these data files for each sample. Customers can choose from one of four annual subscription tiers or simply pay on-demand pricing.

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