DRAGEN in the Cloud

DRAGEN in the Cloud enables customers to utilize the same enhanced speed, accuracy and cost savings that onsite provides, but with the flexibility and scalability of the AWS cloud. Through industry leading partnerships, customers can run DRAGEN on their preferred platform whenever needed. DRAGEN on the cloud is enabled by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) F1 instance type, and leverages the storage features of Amazon’s S3 for secure storage of large amounts of data in the cloud.

AWS F1 Instances

Amazon EC2 F1 instances, powered by Xilinx’s UltraScale field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), are designed to provide capabilities for hardware-accelerating big data applications, such as genomics. With the integration of Edico Genome’s FPGA-backed DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform on Amazon EC2 F1 instances, the accuracy, speed, flexibility and low cost of DRAGEN can now be accessed on the cloud through a number of third-party platforms.

DRAGEN Cloud Partnerships

AWS Marketplace is an online platform where customers can sell or buy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS allows customers to simplify and securely scale genomic analysis, building a bridge from their existing on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Combined with the power of DRAGEN, customers can accelerate  their secondary analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) directly through the AWS Marketplace.

For more information about DRAGEN on AWS Marketplace, click here.

DNAnexus provides a global network for sharing and managing genomic data and tools to accelerate genomics. The DNAnexus platform is optimized to address the challenges of security, scalability, and collaboration, for organizations that are pursuing translational informatics genomic-based approaches to health, in the clinic and in the research lab. The availability of DRAGEN on DNAnexus enables new and existing DNAnexus customers to reduce turnaround times and costs directly from the online platform.

For more information about DRAGEN on DNAnexus, click here.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is the Illumina cloud-based genomics computing environment for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data management and analysis. Sequencing labs can store and share sequencing data, and researchers can simplify and accelerate NGS data analysis with push-button tools. BaseSpace Sequence Hub coupled with the availability of DRAGEN allows for the transition of sequencing data to analysis with efficiency and ease, and is compatible with other BaseSpace Sequence Hub applications.

For more information about DRAGEN on BaseSpace Sequence Hub, click here.

Seven Bridges is a leading biomedical data analysis company, specializing in software for genomic-based research and development of new therapeutics and diagnostics. Seven Bridges delivers end-to-end bioinformatics solutions, designed to speed the path from raw experimental data to actionable results. DRAGEN on Seven Bridges enables new and existing customers to leverage the speed, accuracy and cost savings of DRAGEN directly on the Seven Bridges platform. To learn more about DRAGEN on Seven Bridges, click here.