DRAGEN on AWS’ EC2 F1 instances enables ultra-rapid, accurate and cost-effective NGS data data compute and storage.

DRAGEN is in now deployed on Amazon Web Service’s newly available Amazon EC2 F1 instances – Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-enabled instances in the cloud, reducing analysis times.

With the integration of Edico Genome’s field programmable gate array (FPGA)-backed DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform on Amazon’s F1 instances, the accuracy, speed and flexibility of DRAGEN can now be accessed on the cloud through a number of third-party platforms, including the AWS Marketplace.

Cloud Compute and storage

What is an FPGA?

Amazon’s AWS Cloud Computing Service launched a new instance type (F1) with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). What exactly is FPGA technology?

The promise of FPGA’s is that they are reprogrammable chips that can be reprogrammed on the fly and tuned for specific applications, making them 30x faster than CPUs. The FPGA can be programmed to perform many operations in parallel, and the operations themselves can be of almost any width, large or small. This highly parallelized model is ideal for building custom accelerators to process compute-intensive problems.

Ultra-Rapid Genomics Cloud

The DRAGEN Cloud is a secure, scalable and public platform for virtual ultra-rapid analysis of next-generation sequencing data. DRAGEN’s technology will be deployed on Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) F1 Instances, which are field programmable gate-array (FPGA)-enabled instances in the cloud. The DRAGEN™ Amazon FPGA Image enables near real-time genomic analysis and data compression, cost savings, and seamless and secure cloud deployment.

New users of DRAGEN’s technology can analyze their genomic data in just minutes through the cloud, while existing users of onsite DRAGEN systems can now operate as part of the secure hybrid cloud. The DRAGEN Cloud features the same capabilities of DRAGEN Onsite, including FPGA-accelerated algorithms, compute and storage. Both systems can be managed through the DRAGEN Web Portal, featuring an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

Amazon EC2 F1 is a compute instance utilizing FPGAs that can be programed to create custom hardware accelerations. Amazon EC2 F1 instances are offered in two different instance sizes that include up to eight FPGAs per instance. F1 instances include 16 nm Xilinx UltraScale Plus FPGA. Each FPGA includes local 64 GiB DDR4 ECC protected memory, with a dedicated PCIe x16 connection. Each FPGA contains approximately 2.5 million logic elements and approximately 6,800 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engines.

Through the integration of DRAGEN on Amazon F1 instances, DRAGEN’s pipelines are now readily available in the cloud through the AWS Marketplace, Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub and DNAnexus.


NGS Compute

100x Faster

~25  minutes for a whole human genome @ 30x coverage from BCL/FASTQ -> VCF


NGS Storage

4-10X Smaller

Lossless near real-time compression and decompression of FASTQ and BAM files

Available Onsite and

in the AWS Cloud

Lower Cost

One DRAGEN instance replaces up to 80 traditional compute instances and reduces storage costs



Next-Gen Algorithms

Clinical-grade sensitivity and specificity for all major genomic applications and workflows

Get DRAGEN on AWS Now!

DRAGEN on F1 Instances accelerate whole genome analysis by as much as 30x over general-purpose CPUs, while also reducing storage costs due.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. Utilizing DRAGEN on AWS allows you to purchase what you need on-demand.