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May 24


Edico Genome’s DRAGEN Added to Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub Apps

SAN DIEGO, May 24, 2017 – Edico Genome today announced it has collaborated with Illumina to make DRAGEN™ available on BaseSpace® Sequence Hub. DRAGEN delivers extremely high accuracy at ultra-rapid speeds, enabling a whole human genome to be analyzed in under 10 minutes.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a cloud-based platform that extends Illumina instruments for the acquisition and analysis of genomic data, and manages sequencing runs and Illumina sequencing platforms to optimize operations. By integrating point solutions from multiple vendors, Sequence Hub reduces time from sample submission to answer and improves the overall accuracy of the results, allowing users to focus on the science.

“BaseSpace Sequence Hub is designed to be a hub where our customers can access cutting-edge, high-demand applications developed by third parties, Illumina, or users themselves,” said Sanjay Chikarmane, senior vice president and general manager of Illumina’s Enterprise Informatics business unit. “Edico’s DRAGEN analyzes genomic data at unprecedented speeds while maintaining high accuracy and reducing costs, and is clearly a sought-after solution; it has processed more than 10 petabytes of data to date. We believe our customers will find DRAGEN a valuable addition to the comprehensive suite of applications offered in Sequence Hub.”

Edico’s FPGA-centric solution features optimized algorithms for mapping, alignment, sorting, variant calling, and more, and enables hyper-efficient, real-time compression of data files, reducing the genomic data footprint and long-term storage costs significantly.

“Illumina’s mission aligns with ours—provide researchers with genomics solutions so they can arrive as efficiently as possible to what really matters:  breakthrough experimental results and other vital insights,” said Pieter van Rooyen, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Edico Genome. “Adding DRAGEN to BaseSpace Sequence Hub enables Illumina’s customers to seamlessly access an ultra-rapid, accurate, and cost-saving platform for analysis of their genomic data – DRAGEN. In turn, our customers can utilize additional apps as well as the speed conferred by DRAGEN’s deployment on Amazon’s EC2 F1 FPGA-enabled instances in the cloud, all while in the familiar Sequence Hub environment.”

Multiple end-to-end, clinical-grade pipelines are available from Edico, including genome/exome, cancer, transcriptome/RNA-seq, structural variant, copy number variant, epigenome/methyl-seq, metagenome/microbiome, joint genotyping and third-party pipelines such as GATK 3.6. The platform is flexible and allows for customization of algorithms and existing pipelines. Best-in-class solutions for onsite, cloud or hybrid cloud analysis have been created through partnerships with top technology companies, including IntelIBMDell EMC, and Amazon Web Services.

Find more information at Edico’s booth 222 or Illumina’s booths 448 and 450 at Bio-IT World, being held May 23-25 in Boston.