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DRAGEN Ultra-Rapid Analysis Pipelines

DRAGEN’s Pipelines are able to achieve NGS data processing speeds orders of magnitude faster than any other methods – without any compromises.

Genome / Exome / Targeted Panel

The DRAGEN Genome pipeline enables ultra rapid analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, reducing the time required for analyzing a whole genome at 30x coverage from 10 to 30 hours using the current industry standard, BWA-MEM+GATK-HC software, to ~22 minutes, with the same level of accuracy for both SNPs and INDELs.

Transcriptome / RNAseq

The DRAGEN Transcriptome (RNA-Seq) pipeline performs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) secondary analysis of RNA transcripts. The pipeline offers multiple operating modes, including reference-only alignment and annotation-assisted alignment.

Joint Genotyping

DRAGEN’s Joint Genotyping pipeline calls variants from multiple samples at a speed 25x faster than competing pipelines with uncompromising accuracy. The Joint Genotyping pipeline supports pedigree as well as population variant calling from a cohort of samples, and can handle up to ten samples at one time.

Population Calling

The DRAGEN Population Calling Pipeline calls variants from extremely large datasets at a speed 25x faster than competing pipelines with uncompromising accuracy. The pipeline works seamlessly with the DRAGEN Genome Pipeline in gVCF mode to scale up to jointly analyze thousands of samples.

Epigenome / Methylation

The Epigenetics is an emerging frontier within sequencing that involves the study of changes in the regulation of gene activity and expression that are independent of gene sequence. The Epigenome Pipeline is an accelerated and more accurate solution for rapidly analyzing methylation data.

Metagenome / Microbiome

Metagenomics enables a look at the genomes of all the microbes in an environment at once, providing a meta view of the whole microbial community and the interactions within it. The DRAGEN Metagenomics Pipeline leverages high bandwidth and optimized algorithms to utilize a single concatenated reference of all 17,000 known microbes.

GATK Pipeline

The GATK Pipeline is an implementation of GATK Haplotype Variant Caller from the Broad Institute on the DRAGEN Platform. The GATK Pipeline is accelerated by using the API’s of the DRAGEN Bio-IT Processor. The result is a haplotype variant calling pipeline that is able to analyze a 30x coverage whole human genome in 18 minutes. Customers with a valid GATK license from the Broad Institute are able to run GATK on the DRAGEN Platform.

Other Pipelines

Edico is working on many other pipelines such as Structural Variants, Copy Number Variants and Cancer for the DRAGEN Platform and will make them available during 2017. Edico is also working with multiple third-parties to create enhanced versions of other widely-used genomics pipelines. Users can also build their own pipelines using the DRAGEN Web Portal by combining accelerator blocks and existing pipeline components.